Preventing wind damage and disturbance, but doing so beautifully. Orange Mirror and Glass can strike that balance with our expertise and experience in installing glass walls, sometimes referred to as wind walls.  Glass walls are an attractive alternative to traditional fencing and serve as excellent sound and wind barriers. Most importantly, these glass walls provide nearly unobstructed views.

Our glass wall systems are commonly constructed in one of two ways:

Post System

The post system is constructed using posts, usually made of aluminum (and available in a variety of colors, textures, and gloss options).  These systems provide nearly unobstructed views.

Seamless System

The seamless system is constructed without support posts.  Instead, the glass is held in place by a very strong “shoe” base.  These systems deliver completely unobstructed views.

Our glass wall systems are sturdily constructed.  The glass can be clear, tinted, or obscured.  There are a number of hardware color options available. Glass wall systems can be custom fabricated in any number of ways for custom applications.

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