Glass table tops are the perfect way to add beauty and protection to your existing table or as a stand-alone table top. Glass table topsor glass table top replacements are an excellent and economical addition to your home.  There are two common types of glass table tops:

  • Glass protector tops: a table top that is placed on top of an existing wood, metal, or other non-glass surface to protect it from water spots or scratches. These table tops are designed to lie flat on top of a flat surface with no overhang. These pieces add protection and provide a luxurious feel. These glass table tops are custom designed to fit almost any piece of furniture.

  • Glass table tops: a table top that is placed on top of a base made of either cement columns, tubular steel, or any other piece designed to hold a piece of glass on top.

There are many Types of Glass and Edge Finishes that can be used in glass table tops. We can manufacture table tops in various thicknesses, such as 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, and 3/4″.

Our glass table tops are custom fabricated with care, in almost any shape or size.  All work is done on site at our facility in Orange County, and we offer delivery and installation services.